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Resolving Complex Appliance Problems in North Dallas

MyHome.Pro offers trusted home appliance repair in Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas. Our home appliances are so much a part of everyday life. Even though we often take them for granted, the appliances within your household are essential for your ability to get through your day without expending unnecessary labor on tasks that can be done immediately, or even automatically. However, when these systems break down, you will definitely notice the inconvenience, as you are unable to wash your dishes or prepare a meal for your family.

Take back your time and call MyHome.Pro to get those appliances up and running again. By speaking to our Dallas appliance repair technicians at MyHome.Pro, you can get the appliance repair services you need to get your life back to normal.

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Why You Should Never Attempt to Handle a Home Appliance Repair on Your Own

It can often be tempting to try to take care of an appliance problem completely on your own. In many cases, when something minor appears to be going on — such as a strange noise coming from your dishwasher or a dryer that still leaves your clothes partially damp — you might wonder how hard it could actually be to get things working as normal again. You may even search online and find several how-to guides that claim troubleshooting is a piece of cake as long as you follow their tutorials.

The problem is that these steps are rarely as easy as they seem. Not only do you often need to buy additional equipment to fix your appliances, but a single wrong step could lead to the whole machine breaking down, meaning you will have to invest in a total replacement rather than a simple repair. In some cases, unfortunate homeowners think that they have resolved the situation only for the system to fall apart a few weeks later, even damaging other valuable components in the process. Rather than finding yourself in such a sticky situation, always speak to a professional from the beginning.

Scheduling Repairs for All Types of Home Appliances in Dallas, TX

When people consider what might be included as a “home appliance,” they often think about their refrigerators or freezers. These are of course two of the biggest appliances in your house, and they certainly are extremely important for the functionality of your kitchen. But what about all the rest of those essential devices that make your life smoother and more convenient? When you begin to notice that any type of home appliance is not working quite as well as it used to, you will need to schedule prompt repairs. This will not just get your schedule back to normal but also save you from paying for expensive replacements. 

We service all the major brands including Kenmore, LG, Samsung, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, GE, Maytag, Frigidaire, and more!

In addition to your fridges and freezers, other home appliances that will eventually need repairs include:

At MyHome.Pro, our Dallas home appliance technicians are happy to provide all the support you need, no matter what type of appliance you own.

What are the Benefits of Dallas Appliance Maintenance?

Sometimes our appliances limp along without breaking down. It may take a while to notice that it’s taking longer and longer to dry a load of laundry, or that dishes aren’t coming out of the dishwasher as clean or dry as they once did. Maybe the washing machine has started making strange noises. Fixing issues like this – before the appliance quits working entirely – can save headaches and money in the long run. Longer drying times equal higher electric bills. A freezer that keeps thawing and re-freezing your food takes a toll on your grocery budget. And minor maintenance now may save you hundreds later when the appliance requires more costly repairs or, worse, replacement. Don’t ignore the warning signs.

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Common Problems with Refrigerators

Our team of Dallas refrigerator repair specialists comes equipped with all the necessary tools and parts to implement the best solution for your appliances. Some of the most common reasons a refrigerator may be experiencing issues include a mechanically locked compressor, fan motor failure, and dirty condenser coils. If your refrigerator is no longer cooling, you should check for the following:

  • Refrigerator's power source
  • Door gasket problems – wear and tear to the rubber seal strip over time
  • Thermostat was turned down
  • Air circulation is blocked by food items

Trusted Appliance Repair Specialists in Dallas, TX

You want someone you can trust to be in your home and to make repairs quickly and honestly. MyHome.Pro has a team of experienced home appliance repair technicians in Dallas, TX. We provide up-front pricing and guarantee our work. Our appliance pros have been background checked and are routinely drug tested. They’ll show up at your home in uniform, with a photo ID, so you can be sure your home and family are safe.

We are bonded and offer warranties on parts and workmanship. MyHome.Pro technicians uphold a “leave no trace” commitment and strive to exceed your expectations for any service we provide. We also offer flexible appointment times to fit your schedule.

Call us today at (972) 474-8684 or contact our team online for more details about our Dallas appliance repair services.

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