Full-Service or Chemical-ONLY Service options!

We provide the following pool maintenance service options:


You simply maintain the correct water level, let the pool equipment operate as scheduled, and we’ll be by each week to handle these services!

This solution recognizes that some Clients ONLY WANT our exclusive Liquid Sparkle Chemical Treatment.


With this Weekly Service option, our customers enjoy no less than 48 visits annually for chemical treatments — but we ARE SO CONFIDENT IN OUR SERVICE that this service is made available on a month-to-month basis.

  • Weekly inspection of the pool environment.
    Test the pool water and provide and apply the EXCLUSIVE LIQUID SPARKLE POOL CHEMICALS as required to keep your pool water in the perfect condition.
  • We may apply solid chemicals seasonally and make recommendations for other treatments should the need arise.
  • When completed, we submit to the Client an electronic “Weekly Maintenance Report” that outlines the services provided, chemical readings, chemical treatment and any problems detected.
  • While our service guarantees 48 visits per year, most years we will visit, test and treat 50 times per year, excluding Christmas and Thanksgiving.  We reserve two extra non-visits annually for special circumstances beyond our control.
  • Our “Chemical Only” Liquid Sparkle service does not include the cost of the  application of phosphates, algaecide, salt or other specialty chemicals or cleaners.


  • LIQUID SPARKLE LETS YOU BACK IN YOUR POOL FASTER! You can get back into your pool sooner after the pool is serviced because you are not waiting for solid chemicals to dissolve!
  • LIQUID SPARKLE IS NON-SCALING AND LEAVES NO RESIDUE! When it “expires”, this naturally occurring element leaves behind only table salt and water!
  • NO CAUSTIC POOL CHEMICALS STORED IN YOUR HOME! The Sparkle Pool Service brings everything it needs on every visit and so you NEVER have to store unwanted chemicals!
  • LIQUID SPARKLE is SAFE and similar to that used by almost EVERY water treatment facility in the country to treat your drinking water!
  • LIQUID SPARKLE ELIMINATES UGLY “CALCIUM BUILD-UP!” The most popular powdered or tabular chlorines are almost 1/3 made up of CALCIUM, which you have to clean up! Using liquid pools chemicals means saying goodbye to all that calcium build-up and “scale” at your pool’s waterline tile and spillways/water features and elsewhere.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO UNSIGHTLY SOLID DEPOSITS ON YOUR POOL’S BOTTOM! A combination of undissolved solid chemical additives and the calcium levels they produce can create unsightly gray/white flakes at the bottom of your pool. Add to this the sand particulates from the solid-chemical’s damage to a gunite pool surface, and you have an unattractive and “dirty feeling” mess at the bottom of your pool!
  • ACIDIC SOLID CHEMICAL CAN HARM POOL SURFACES! The typical “pool puck” carries a pH of around 2.5, which means these are a very acidic and invasive. The ideal chemical ranges for a gunite/plaster swimming pool for pH is 7.4 – 7.6 and for total alkalinity (TA) is 80-120 ppm. Overuse of pucks or tablets can lower the pH below 7.2 and TA as low as 30PPM. When the TA gets that low the plaster weakens and over time soften and eventually erodes. Have you ever found white sand at the bottom of your pool or in your sweeper’s bag? That could be the aggregate coming out of the plaster, weakening your pool’s surface.
  • SOLID CHEMICAL POOL PUCKS WILL EVENTUALLY FORCE YOU TO DRAIN & REFILL! Di-Chlor, Tri-chlor and similar solid tablet, puck or granular treatments add chlorine and cyanuric acid (CYA) into your water. The CYA that they add to your pool water every day does not get used up, and builds to greater and greater levels and will eventually the CYA level will get to the point where the only real method of correction is drain and re-fill your pool with fresh water.