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The United States is filled with lots of different populations of insects, vermin, rodents, and other creatures, but it often seems like the state of Texas seems to especially draw these invasive forms of wildlife.

North Texas endures long and hot summers! High temperatures, humidity and summer rainfall makes this is an attractive area to a variety of pests such as cockroaches, wasps, ants, spiders, termites, bed bugs, rodents and other types of wildlife and insects.

If pests are wreaking havoc on your life, reach out to our team at MyHome.Pro right away for pest control you can actually trust to work. We can help with Dallas, TX pest control! With over twenty-years of experience, MyHome.Pro has provided pest control services in Dallas, TX and takes pride in offering great service and affordable solutions to our customers. 

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The Importance of Scheduling Regular Treatments to Proactively Halt Pests

While there are some types of pests that can be killed off in a single treatment, what makes most pests so frustrating is that they will come back after a short amount of time. Right as you have finished cleaning up your property from the mess left from the first generation, you will be exasperated to discover that a new swarm of termites or another army of ants has come marching in. The benefit of scheduling monthly or bi-monthly treatments is that you will have professional exterminators thoroughly eliminate the first batch, and then you will be actively prepared to have your home defended from any future invasions. 

Common Pests in Dallas, Texas

On account of the warm and humid weather conditions that local residents experience throughout every season, there is not only an abundance of pests, but they often hang around all year. The pest control exterminators at MyHome.Pro know how to deal with the most common pests in Dallas that can attack your home!

The most common pests that our Dallas pest control exterminators are all equipped to handle without any special treatments are shown below:

  • Fleas and mosquitos
  • Cockroaches (including American, German, and oriental roaches)
  • Rats, mice, squirrels, and chipmunks
  • Termites and carpenter ants
  • Household ants and fire ants
  • Bed bugs
  • Ticks
  • Yellow jackets, wasps, and honeybees
  • Spiders and scorpions
  • Beetles and earwigs

Protect Your Home From Pests!

Our Triple Zone approach protects from the three main paths to infiltrate a home:  through the yard, entry points in and around your home and its foundation, and indoor moisture areas. Our Triple Zone Protection is included in our first service and the zones are as follows:

ZONE A: This is our home-perimeter yard protection, with a full-yard inspection and a granulation barrier treatment band around the entire perimeter.  Our “band” approach allows us to provide the necessary protection without over-saturating your yard with chemicals.  This is where we probe for fire ant mounts and focus on problematic areas including mulch and vegetation.

ZONE B: We protect this area with full home-perimeter power spraying, focusing on entrance points such as weep holes, bases of doors, windows, and garages.  This goes to protect target access areas and typical exposures.

ZONE C: This is our ‘Safety First” complete indoor service which comes with your first treatment and as necessary thereafter.  Because of our Zone A and Zone B strategy, we avoid the need for continued in-home treatments and so minimize the use of powerful pesticides inside the home, focusing on specific targets or problem areas.  With this zone, we target problem areas such as entry points and moisture areas and treat along your baseboards to keep pests from coming inside.

By simultaneously attacking each of these Exposure Zones, we are able to provide our Dallas, TX Pest Control customers with long-lasting and ongoing relief against pests while avoiding the overuse of chemicals in and around your home. Our Exposure Zone strategy comes with our service guarantee that you will not experience a disturbing and frustrating pest infestation after this treatment. 

Our Pest Control Treatment Regimen

Many pests have a 30-60 day infestation cycle! This means the usual “Quarterly Protection” approach offered by most competitors allows pests to come back before the next treatment! We stand out from competitors as our service plans are on a unique, 60-day schedule and has shown to be the most effective means of protecting you and your home from common pests!

Why You Should Seek Professional Pest Control Support Instead of Fighting Pests on Your Own

You may be wondering why it is necessary to schedule an appointment with professional exterminators rather than simply tackling pests on your own. After all, every supermarket or hardware store has countless inexpensive bug sprays, traps, and powders, readily available to be purchased over the counter and quickly applied on your property. 

The problem is that this solution often does not work, or only lasts temporarily. In many cases, general spray or treatment is simply not powerful enough to kill the hardy invaders, which often come with natural forms of protection (sometimes, a cockroach’s hard shell can allow it to withstand an entire bottle of “roach spray” without permanent harm!). In other cases, what might work for one species will not hurt another. 

This is why you should only turn to knowledgeable pest specialists who can provide the appropriate treatment to get rid of your pest problem for good. Our Dallas pest control technicians at MyHome.Pro are fully trained to accomplish this goal quickly and effectively.

Reach out to us today at (972) 474-8684 or contact our team online whenever you have questions regarding our Dallas pest control services.

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